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Dr. Bata® Zrt.Dr. Bata Ltd. was founded by a group of Hungarian chemical engineers in 1987 with the vision to manufacture feed additives utilizing novel fermentation processes.
The new animal heath challanges of the past 30 years led to the development of several patented products based on herbal components.

Our dedicated in-house professionals are continuously working to develop new product ranges implementing the latest scientific findings. Due to our intensive research activity Dr. Bata® has built close relationship with a number of universities around the world, like Wageningen (NL), Minesota (US), Foshan (CN), Hannover (D) Saskatchewan (CA).

Our products are manufactured at our own manufacturing sites, to ensure impeccable effectivity and feed safety through our GMP+ and HACCP programs. The manufacturing process of our products require specific production methods and constant laboratory monitoring, which makes our products unique in the market.
Our company has developed steadily over the past 30 years, to a truly global player. Today we are represented through our own subsidiaries and committed partners on 4 continents in more then 60 countries.

TermékekOur company realizes 25-30% of its sales in the EU while the majority of our turnover is originated from our stable presence in the Asian and South American markets. We are proud to claim to be the first Hungarian feed company to register products in China.
Thanks to our commitment to natural herbal solutions we have developed products that improve the health status and profitability of animal husbandry.
Our products significantly improve the specific indicators (feed consumption, daily weight gain) by stabilizing the digestive system of the animals, thus reducing the feed-, as well as other (eg. Veterinary) costs. Based on customer feedback, farmers have realized significant cost savings using our products.
to ensure impeccable effectivity and feed safety we have implemented the GMP+ and HACCP quality assurance system, annually audited by the Dekra Certification GmbH from Germany.

KiállításFor the past 25 years we have been regular participants in the world's leading trade fairs such as the EuroTier in Hanover, VIV Europe and VIV Asia and the IPPE in Atlanta. Our latest scientific research results are regularly publishes in several international journals.

In 2017, our story entered a new phase by launching a truly global company, BV Science.
BV Science was born with the union of the R&D activities and resources of Dr. Bata® in Europe and Asia and Vetanco S.A in the Americas.

Our goal is to produce high quality products and provide excellent consulting to increase the efficiency and profitability of livestock farming.

Latest news/Current events

  • Enterprise of the Year for 2021

    Dr. Bata Ltd. has been awarded the title "Enterprise of the Year" for 2021, for its innovation and commercial performance in recent years.

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  • Lower carbon footprint for even greener products

    As a company committed to environmental protection, we consider it important to reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources and emissions in line with the aspirations of the European Union. Continue reading
  • Dr Bata in Italy

    Cremona International Livestock Exhibition was held in Cremona, Italy at the end of October.

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  • Welcome Zsofi!

    As a biotechnological company the research and development was always the most important part of the life of Dr Bata Ltd. The scientific research of today will be the basis of the new commercial products of the future. This is the reason that Dr Bata Ltd is committed to the continuous development of R&D.

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Latest news/Current events