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Dr Bata in Malaysia

Dr Bata in Malaysia

The Dr Bata sales team spent a very useful and successful week in Malaysia in December. The aim of this trip was to introduce the market our phytobiotic-prebiotic combination called HERBANOPLEX CP.

Even though HERBANOPLEX CP is well known and proved its efficiency in several countries in Latin-Americas and Europe it is new for the Malaysian market. During the week we had the possibility to meet several big player of the poultry sector and present them several trial results and the feedback of the market from other countries, which are convinced them, adding HERBANOPLEX CP to the diet is a cost effective way for the antibiotic free animal husbandry.

For most of the professionals we were visited, the Dr Bata brand name was known its high quality and effective products, as they are satisfied user of our mycotoxin eliminator, called DETOXA PLUS since ages.

As the closing of our stay in Malaysia we invited our partners for an informal dinner, where they have the possibilities to exchange of views about the personal experiences of the effectiveness of DETOXA PLUS, and regarding there excited waiting of starting the work with HERBANOPLEX CP.


Dr Bata Ltd would like to say a big thank you to the Malaysian distributor team for the professional organization of the meetings and the event.