Natural herb countaining feed additive for swine

DYSANTIC contains plant extracts enhancing the multiplication of Lactobacilli, extract of St. John’s bread seed (Ceratonia siliqua) – having bactericide and immunstimulating effect, and of thyme (Thymus vulgaris) – having bactericide effect.

Mode of action:

In the intestine of the healthy pigs, the Gram positive anaerobic homo-, and heterofermentative lactic acid producing, and the anaerobic Gram negative bacteria and symbiotic yeasts are dominant. Furthermore a small number (not more than 0.01% of the total flore) of pathogenic bacteria are also present. The increase of the ratio of the pathogenic agents may lead to gastrointestinal diseases. The active substance of the Dysantic significantly hinders the growth of the pathogen microorganisms.

Results of the field tests of  DYSANTIC

number of vet treatment

The intestinal flora is in a healthy equilibrium (eubiosis) until the negative influence of various environmental factors (stressors) a propagation of facultative pathogens (Clostridia, Salmonellae, enteropathogenic coli, Brachyspirae, etc.) disturbing this equilibrium (dysbiosis).

Factors which can negatively affect the health status of the animals:

  • Poor farming and treatment conditions
  • Contamination with pathogens
  • Inadequate feed formulation
  • Feed contamination with mycotoxins

The stressors occurring during the fattening period, can seriously disturb the equilibrium of the intestinal microflore, opening the gate to growth for the pathogenic agents and as a consequence development of serious diseases.
One of these diseases causing significant economic losses is the dysenterial diarrhoea of pigs which can occur in several cases after weaning and also in the parent stock.

Average slaughter weight Dys
Advantages of DYSANTIC:
  • Significant decrease of dysenterial diarrhoea cases
  • Drastic reduction of veterinary treatments therefore decrease of veterinary costs
  • Enhancement of effectivity of production
  • No possibility of antibiotical cross-resistance


Proposed dosage:

For preventing the gastro-intestinal sicknesses: 1-2 kg/ ton of feed.

Please take into consideration that the effective dose of the product is affected by the actual farming and feeding conditions. It is recommended to determine the dose specificly to the farm and use the product between the proposed limits.

  • Suitable to feed together with any veterinary medicines.
  • Non water-soluble
  • Food safety withdrawal period: 0 day
  • Package: 30kgs in foil-padded paper bags.
  • Withdrawal period: 0 days!

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