Natural herb based feed supplement for poultry

HERBANOPLEX CP® contains plant ingredients that promote the stability of the gastrointestinal flora and herbal extracts with immunostimulatory effects to reduce the economic damage caused by stress during poultry fattening and egg production.

Mode of action of HERBANOPLEX CP®:
In the intestinal flora of healthy poultry a small number (not more than 0.01% of the total flore (Lee 2002)) of facultative-pathogenic microorganisms are also present.

As a consequence of combined external (housing, feeding, stress) and internal (age, yield increase, weak immune system) predisposing factors, the increase in the proportion of these facultative pathogenic microorganisms within the intestinal flora and their increased toxin production could lead to gastrointestinal diseases (e.g., infectious necrotic enteritis in chickens caused by Colostridium perfringens A and C (Necrotic Enteritis)).

The herbal ingredients of HERBANOPLEX CP® keep the intestinal flora in a natural balance, while nourishing the intestinal epithelium. This way it improves the absorption of nutrients, and thanks to their immunostimulatory effect, improve the body's resilience.

Effect of HERBANOPLEX CP® on the average body weight (g) during the fattening period in a large-scale broiler experiment

Testtomeg herbano

Effect of HERBANOPLEX CP® on feed conversion (kg / kg) in a laboratory broiler experiment

Feed Conversion Ratio

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Effect of HERBANOPLEX CP on egg production

Egg production


Predisposing factors that lead to the disruption of a healthy balance of the intestinal flora:

  • • Inappropriate housing conditions and treatment:
    • high stocking density,
    • poor hygiene conditions,
  • forced production,
  • feeding not in accordance with genetic ability:
    • lack of fiber,
    • excessive intake of easily digestible carbohydrates (starch),
    • high protein levels in feed (protein overload),
    • mycotoxin contamination,
    • weakened immune system,
    • ineffective control against coccidiosis,
    • Lack of restoration of disrupted intestinal flora.

Stress effects due to deficiencies in poultry fattening contribute to the imbalance of the intestinal flora of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in the emergence of optional pathogenic microorganisms and gastrointestinal diseases. A particularly damaging form is the infectious necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens A and C in chickens (Necrotic Enteritis).

Advantages of using HERBANOPLEX CP:

  • broilers grow with a healthy intestinal flora,
  • the number of pre- and probiotic treatments can be reduced, thus reducing production costs,
  • production indicators improve:
    • the comfort of the animals improves,
    • weight gain and production improves,
    • feed conversion improves,
    • the quality of the litter improves,
    • mortality is reduced,
    • the profitability of farming improves.


The average dose of HERBANOPLEX CP® is 1 kg / t feed

  • Can be given with any medicine.
  • Insoluble in water.
  • Packaging: in 25 kg foil-padded paper bags.
  • Storage: in a dry place.

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