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New packaging lines in operation

New packaging lines in operation

We are happy to announce that automated production started on our two new packaging lines.  With this investment, the standard of our production improves significantly, resulting in increased quality and uniformity of the packaging.

On the new production line, both the Detoxa® Plus line and the herbal feed additive line (Dysantic®, BioSantrix® or Herbanoplex® CP) are now equipped with new automated machines for dosing, packaging, labeling, loading onto pallets, and foil wrapping. The new technology is also beneficial from the point of work organization, but at the same time it also brings challenges. One person per production line will be able to supervise the entire process, however the person in charge will have consequential responsibility. Instead of the previous semi-automatic and manual packaging, the person in charge has to control and program the robots and therefore the whole production line. In preparation for this, our highly valued colleagues are continuously participating in multiple trainings in the upcoming months.

The huge advantage of this automatized production line is that it is capable of continuous, 24-hour operation, which significantly expands our production capacity. And our customers and end users can enjoy more homogenously packed pallets, which are expected to be more resistant to the challenges during transportation.