Our products

  • Dysantic: Natural herb containing feed additve for swine
  • Detoxa plus pig: Natural feed additive for pigs
  • Detoxa plus poultry: Natural feed additive for poultry
  • Detoxa plus ruminant: Natural feed additive for ruminants
  • Herbanoplex:  Natural phytobiotic feed additve for poultry
  • Colistat: Feed supplement for the prevention of weaning diarrhea of piglets
  • Galli zyme: A polysaccharidose enzyme containing feed supplement for poultry
  • Pig zyme: A polysaccharidose enzyme containing feed supplement for pigs
  • Rumino zyme: A polysaccharidose enzyme containing feed supplement for ruminants
  • Live sacc: A feed supplement with buffer action to ensure the optimal rumen fermentation for cattle

Latest news/Current events

  • VIV Asia 2018

    Traditionally this year in March the VIV Asia Exhibition and conference were organized in Bangkok. The feed expert of Dr Bata Ltd, Dr Jozsef Gyenis was asked for a lecture with the title of “Heroic fight against Gram positive bacteria in the poultry industry”

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  • IPPE-2018

    The strtegic partner of Dr Bata Ltd, the Vetanco S.A. took apart on IPPE (International Production & Processing Expo) as an exhibitor in Atlanta –USA. On a symposim prior the expo Ms Zsofia Bata took a presentation with the topic of: "Intestinal microflora stabilization with combining prebiotic effect and antimicrobial properties of herbal plant extracts"

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  • BV Science a new company has launched

    Putting together Dr Bata Co. R+D technologies in Europe, with those from Vetanco S.A. in the Americas, a global company is launched: BV Science.


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  • Implementation of the call for proposals, identity number KMOP-1.1.1-07/1-2008-0013 "Environmentally friendly, food-safe semiconductor trace element premixes for commercial livestock"

    In the framework of the Central Hungarian Operational Program (Közép-Magyarországi Operatív Program), Dr. BATA Hungarian Canadian Biotechnology Research Development Ltd. was awarded 97 500 000 HUF of subsidies from EU and domestic central budget sources to develop environmentally friendly, food- safety-precision trace element of premixes for the commercial livestock.

    The project’s total budget is 150 million HUF.

    Our company completed the project KMOP-1.1.1-07/1-2008-0013 on the 31st May 2011.

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Latest news/Current events