Our products

  • Dysantic: Natural herb containing feed additve for swine
  • Detoxa plus pig: Natural feed additive for pigs
  • Detoxa plus poultry: Natural feed additive for poultry
  • Detoxa plus ruminant: Natural feed additive for ruminants
  • Herbanoplex:  Natural phytobiotic feed additve for poultry
  • Colistat: Feed supplement for the prevention of weaning diarrhea of piglets
  • Galli zyme: A polysaccharidose enzyme containing feed supplement for poultry
  • Pig zyme: A polysaccharidose enzyme containing feed supplement for pigs
  • Rumino zyme: A polysaccharidose enzyme containing feed supplement for ruminants
  • Live sacc: A feed supplement with buffer action to ensure the optimal rumen fermentation for cattle

Latest news/Current events

  • Dr Bata in Malaysia

    The Dr Bata sales team spent a very useful and successful week in Malaysia in December. The aim of this trip was to introduce the market our phytobiotic-prebiotic combination called HERBANOPLEX CP.

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  • EuroTier 2018.

    This year, as it was every time from 1996, the Dr Bata participated as an exhibitor on the biggest trade fair of animal live-stocks in the world, on EuroTier, Hannover, Germany.

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  • BV Science carrer opportunity

    BV Science, Inc. is a new US corporation formed in 2017. Formed by the collaboration of South American Vetanco S.A. and European Dr Bata Limited, BV Science, Inc. represents their combined science, technology and products in North America. In their 30 year history, they’ve developed a line of natural products that serve as natural solutions to producing animal protein without antibiotics. For more information, look at our website www.bvscience.com . Continue reading
  • Dr Bata in Italy

    Cremona International Livestock Exhibition was held in Cremona, Italy at the end of October.

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Latest news/Current events