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Rumino Zyme® road-show in Argentina

Bv Science, the global joint venture founded by Dr Bata Ltd and Vetanco organised Rumino Zyme® introductory days in Argentina

Rumino Zyme® road-show in Argentina

Buenos Aires, June,2018.



The BV Science presented the product called Rumino Zyme® within a 5 days road-show in June 2018 in Argentina. The Rumino Zyme®  was developed and produced by Dr Bata Ltd to make the possibility to farmers for the antibiotic free and sustainable animal husbandry.



The Rumino Zyme®  is an innovative feed additive for ruminants to make the fiber digestion more efficient. During the partner meetings Dr Arpad Bata, the founder and owner of the Dr Bata Ltd introduced the mode of action of the Aspergillus oryzae and hemucellulaze enzyme contained product

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The effect of Rumino Zyme® for the digestion of ruminants is double. Once the spores of Aspergillus oryzae are “comes to life” in the rumen and utilize the oxygen can be found there, create ideal circumstances for the reproduction and function of the anaerob microorganisms of the rumen. As the Rumino Zyme® contains the Aspergillus oryzae in spore form, it is very resistant against the environmental effects, like temperature, humidity, pH, etc. As Rumino Zyme® promote the normal rumen circumstances, it is help to avoid ketosis, acidosis and other intestinal disorders.


The hemicellulaze enzym component of the product increase the fiber digestibility of the ruminants. As the rumen naturally doesn’t contains enzymes, able to digest the hemicellulose part of the fiber, without Rumino Zyme® this possible energy source is goes to waste.

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The results of this double-effect are the remarkable, 10 % better feed conversation, the increased the milk and meat production, and the improved average condition of the herd.

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The participated breeders, farm owners, veterinarians, arrived from Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santiago del Estero, Salta and Santa Fe, can share there positive experiences and were able to ask questions during the 5 days meetings.