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Welcome Zsofi!

Welcome Zsofi!

As a biotechnological company the research and development was always the most important part of the life of Dr Bata Ltd. The scientific research of today will be the basis of the new commercial products of the future. This is the reason that Dr Bata Ltd is committed to the continuous development of R&D.

Now, we are proud to announce that Zsofia Bata joined our research and quality control laboratory on February 1, 2019. She will start as a head of laboratory leading our analytics department. Ms. Bata holds MSc degrees in General Engineering from École Centrale de Nantes, France. She also graduated with highest honors from her Master’s degrees in Biotechnological Engineering and in Chemical Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. She continued with a multidisciplinary PhD at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in structural biology and computational biology with Prof. László Poppe, Prof. Beáta G. Vértessy and Dr. Romas Kazlauskas during her Fulbright scholarship at the University of Minnesota. She will defend her PhD thesis entitled “Structure function relationships in hydroxynitrile lyases and in MIO-containing class I lyase like enzymes” in May.

“I am very excited to work at Dr. Bata Ltd. Every beginning is difficult, so I have no doubt that the first few months learning the new laboratory practices and adapting to a corporate environment after so many years in academia will be challenging. I hope that with hard work and perseverance I can find my place at the lab, and bring new ideas and stimulus to the ongoing and novel research projects.” –Zsofi said