Dr. Bata Ltd. - Biotechnology in feeding

Dr Bata office block 170710 04Dr. Bata Ltd. is a fully Hungarian owned company dedicated to manufacture feed additives utilizing fermentation process.

Our products are manufactured at our own manufacturer site which is prepared to ensure continuous high level infrastructure. The manufacturing process of our products require specific production methods which makes our products unique in the market.

Our company has developed steadily over the past 20 years, we are not only an important actor in the domestic market but also a truly global player.

Thank to our commitments to natural herb solutions we have developed products that improve the economic metrics of animal husbandry.

Our aim is to produce high quality products and to deliver excellent consulting to serve the livestock industry, to increase the efficiency of production and to enhance food security.


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Focus on quality

To ensure continuous quality we have implemented HACCP, GMP + B1 certified quality management systems. We are constantly running cattle, swine and poultry field and laboratory trials.