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Non-starch polysacharidase enzyme containing feed additive for ruminants

Beneficial effects of RUMINO-ZYME in dairy cows are as follows:

  • Increase the ruminal volatile fatty acid production by 10-40% consequently improves the energy balance in dairy cow.
  • Increase the milk production by 8-10%.
  • Increase the butter fat by 0,8-0,9%.
  • Decrease the NEFA concentration in the blood, resulting better appetite which turn in leads increased TMR intake by 1 kg daily.
  • Increases the feed conversion by 10%.
  • Decreases the body weight loss after calving.
  • Decreases the occurance of production diseases caused by energy imbalance.

AVG milk production Rumino

Recomended dosage:

  • Dry cows: 10g/animal/day.
  • Lactating cows: 15g/animal/day.
  • Storage: unvder dry and cool climate.
  • Package: 15kg of Rumino Zyme in paper sack.


Enzyme supplement for poultry

Cereals and floral protein in the feed all contain antinutritive materials that cannot be entirely digested by digestive enzymes. The NSP than forms a viscous gel on the digestive tract. GALLI-ZYME contains xilanase enzymes that unbinds these NSP substance to decrease the concentration of the antinutritive elements. A decrease of the agents inhibiting the feed conversation results in improved feeding parameters. GALLI-ZYME a-galactosidase enzyme supplements the animals protein binding capability hydrolyse the floral protein and the protein conversation is improved.


  • Improved feed conversation efficiency.
  • Increased weight gain
  • Increased lean meat production.
  • Decreased fat formation.
  • Less incidents of diarrhea, decreased mortality healthier flock.
  • Uniform growth of the population.
  • Improved faecal consistency, decreased environmental pollution

Weight gain galli-zyme

FCR galli-zyme

Recomended Dosage:

100-300g GALLY-ZYME per ton is suggested for all feeds of broilers, ducks, geese and turkey.
Actual dosage depends on the feed constitution.

Other parameters:

  • The product can be compounded with any kind of medicine.
  • GALLY-ZYME has high thermal stability, suitable for pelleting.
  • Non water soluble.
  • Store at cool dry place.


Enzyme supplement for pigs

An enzyme composition specially developed for pig digestion track and for the pig feeding system.

  • High stability at low pH level
  • High activity at low pH level
  • High thermal stability

FCR pig-zyme

Individual weight pig-zyme


  • Improved feed conversation efficiency.
  • Improved weight gain.
  • Improved lean meat production.
  • Decreased fat formulation.
  • Higher average grade in the (S)europ classification.
  • Decreased incidence of dietary related digestive disorders, culling and mortality.
  • Decreased the occurrence of diahea.
  • Increase the energy content of the feed by 0.5-0.9 MJ.

Slaughtering quality pig-zyme

Recomended dosage:

  • 200-500 g PIG-ZYME per ton is suggested for all prestarter, starter, grower and finishing feeds.
  • Or 100-300 ml PIG-ZYME per ton feed.
  • The product is solid form and it is pallet stable.
  • The product can be compounded with any kind of medicines.
  • Withdrawal time: 0 days.
  • Package: in 20 kg paper sacks
  • Storage: under dry and cool conditions.

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