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Special feed additive to ensure the energy balance of cattle

RUMINO-ZYME® is a feed additive with high polysaccharidase activity and is recommended for ruminants, especially dairy and beef cattle.
Polysaccharidase enzymes, including xylanase, degrades the hemicellulose-type fibers of various feed components with high efficiency.
When added to feed, it significantly increases the utilization of the feed nutrient content, as a result the production of volatile fatty acids in the rumen is significantly increased, thus the energy balance becomes stable.

Benefits of using RUMINO-ZYME®:
The energy sources of the feed should be presented to the animal in the form that can be utilised in the best possible way for rumen micro-organisms. The most effective way to increase energy utilization is to feed non-starch-based carbohydrate-degrading enzymes into the rumen.

The beneficial effects of its application are as follows:

  • Improves the degradability of difficult-to-digest fiber in feed, especially hemicellulose,
  • Stimulates the growth of rumen microorganisms,
  • Indirectly increases the amount of volatile fatty acids and microbial protein,
  • Reduces postpartum condition loss and energy deficiency,
  • Increases feed utilisation.

milk production

  • It increases the milk production of animals in the first half of lactation.

milk production

Using RUMINO-ZYME® improves the profitability of milk production!


  • 15 g / day Rumino-Zyme® per cow from the 3rd week before calving to calving.
  • During lactation 30 g / cow / day Rumino-Zyme® mixed into the abrac.
  • Packaging: in a paper bag lined with 15 kg foil.
  • Storage: in a dry place.

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