Feed supplement for the prevention of weaning diarrhea of piglets

The COLISTAT is a feed supplement with biological activity against E. coli and other Gram-negative microorganisms.

The mode of action of COLISTAT
In the intestinal microflora of a healthy piglet, the Lactobacilli are dominating. This fact is first of all important from the point of view of antagonic effect on E. coli and also other Gram-positive bacteria. The plant extracts facilitate the growth of Lactobacilli and in this way play a role in maintenance of the microbial equilibrium of the intestines.
The effect of stress in the weaning period combined with the decrease in peristaltic activity makes favorable conditions for the growth of E. coli followed in the same time with reducing of the number of Lactobacilli. The abnormal growth of endopathogenic E. coli strains results in a distribution of microbial equilibrium and as a consequence intestinal inflammations, oedema syndrome may occur due to the toxic effect of endotoxins produced by E. coli strains.

Body weight at the weaning age, from the report of the Veterinary University of Budapest.


Advantages of the use of COLISTAT

  • Significant decrease of inflammatory diseases of stomach and intestines in piglets.
  • The losses caused by stomach - and intestine inflammations may be drastically reduced.
  • An increase of body weight gain of piglets, improvement of the effectivity of feed conversion can be observed; finally the profitability of pig farming increases significantly.
  • Because of the natural origin of the product, no resistency can be expected.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Summary of the report of Veterinary University of Budapest


3-5 kg COLISTAT/ 1 ton of complete feed.

The COLISTAT containing feed should be included in the ration starting 2 weeks before the weaning and continuously until 21 day after weaning.
The supplement may be simultaneously used with any other medicament.

Other Parameters:

  • Heat stable, pellet stable, up to 95 Co.
  • Non water soluble.
  • Packaging; 25 kg in padded paper bag, alusack for oversee, or carton box.
  • Withdrawal time period: 0 day.
  • Shelf life: 24 months from the date of production.

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