A feed supplement with buffer action to ensure the optimal rumen fermentation for cattle.

  • Live sacc is a feed supplement for cattle. The product contains Saccharomyces cerevisiae which was specially selected for the rumen of ruminant animals. It contains min. 1X1010 CFU/g of live microorganism. The use of this feed supplement is primarily advantageous in dairy cow farming.
  • The energy supply and energy equilibrium of dairy cows- under adequate feeding conditions- is basically dependent on the pH value of ruminal liquid. Live sacc is a feed supplement influencing the rumen fermentation by enzymes possessing buffer action and excellent oxygen absorption capacity.
  • Due to the favorable influence on rumen microflora, facilitates the development of maintenance of optimal acetate-propioate 3:1 ratio and the optimal pH= 6,2 7 value.
  • Optimal rumen fermentation will be ensured and so the development of energy equilibrium in dairy cow will be facilitated.
  • As a result of more favorable energy metabolism, significantly increases the daily milk production of cows in the lactation period.
  • Buffer action of the supplemented makes it suitable for revention and medication of rumen acidosis.
  • Eliminates the fluctuation of the pH of ruminal liquid influenced by diet.
  • Due to physiologically favorable rumen fermentation improves the appetite of the animals, increases the feed dry matter consumption, which results in additional improvements of energy supply.
  • Due to its favorable effect on the energy equilibrium under the conditions of an adequate feeding technology Live sacc may be successfully used in prevention of fat-mobilized disease.
  • The saccharomyces cerevisiae has an experimentally improves, excellent oxygen absorbing capacity.

Average daily milk production (kg/day/cow)


Dosage: Dairy cows:

Starting 2 weeks before expected calving 10g/day/animal.
In the period of first 100 days of lactation 15g/day/animal.

Other cattle:

For therapeutic purposes a dosage of 30-50g/day/animal is recommended.
Undersanding that the milk production is potentially dependent on the compound feed consumption it is practical to mix 2kg of live sacc into 1 mt of concentrated feed.
Non-water soluble.
Packaging: 25kg polyethylene sck and paper box. Five layer paper sack. Vacuum packaging also avaiblible on request.

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